With many years of experience working in healthcare, each member of the Senior Governance Team and Sonas Care Teams has a clear vision of the service and environment they want to provide for residents. Together with residents and their families care is planned and communicated, all suggestions and improvements are taken on board and implemented where clear outcomes for residents are evident.

The first nursing home was founded in 2001 and over 20 years on Sonas now operates 12 Nursing Homes. This first home was the realisation of a vision shared by Sonas founders John Mangan and Seamus Crawley. They brought together two decades of nursing experience to create the perfect environment for residents – one of community, quality care and in a homely setting.

Nursing homes and Retirement Village facilities located at the heart of communities


Sonas Nursing Homes are committed to ensuring residents needs are cared for in a safe, secure and comfortable environment.

Sonas homes are a place where residents can have their say, make a house a home and stay connected with their families and friends. Sonas Nursing Homes play a significant role in each of their local communities which enables many people to remain socially connected. In addition many of Sonas Nursing Homes have active volunteers from their local community.


Sonas Nursing Homes pride themselves on their homely and friendly atmosphere and dedication to all their residents. They have built a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest standards of care for their residents. Their main purpose is to be a place where residents can receive the best care in the way they prefer it.

Senior man sitting on the wheelchair, laughing and holding his nurse's hand

Sonas Values

Over the last 20 years Sonas has carefully developed their team around our 6 values;

Teamwork, Empathy, Advocacy, Warmth, Energy, and Empowerment.

They treat each resident with respect and compassion and value them as an individual. Sonas encourages participation and engagement ensuring residents feel comfortable, cared for, and above all, listened to.

senior woman laughing with nurse on the ward or nursing home


We are Welcoming, kind and homely in our work and interactions


We aim to understand and respect how others may be thinking or feeling.



We support and encourage everyone to fulfil their potential.


We promote the rights and welfare of those with whom we interact.



We combine our unique strengths to achieve our core purpose.


We look for new and innovative ways to maximise the wellbeing of those in our care

Senior Woman Sitting In Chair And Laughing With Nurse In Retirement Home