Will I have to leave all my belongings behind me when I go into the nursing home?

No. You can bring treasured possessions such as photos, paintings, ornaments and furniture with you. Our teams want you to have your personal belongings around you because they understand how precious these are to you. Our maintenance department will assist in hanging pictures and paintings, or moving furniture.

What are the arrangements for appointments and emergencies with nearby hospital

For regular visits to the hospital our administrator can arrange a taxi for you, this would be as per Taxi drivers rate. Alternatively it may be best to get a family member or friend to bring you to appointments.

For emergencies we will have transport via ambulance to the nearest hospital.

What kind of facilities can I expect in my room in the nursing home?

Each room will have a bed, armchair, wardrobe, chest of drawers,TV with saorview channels, a nurse call bell, and a phone. We invite residents to personalise their own rooms.

Will I be able to go on holiday or stay overnight with family and friends?

You will always be encouraged to go on holiday or visit family overnight. Staff will assist you in any way you need such as transportation or medication.

Will I lose my independence when I move into a nursing home?

Sonas Nursing Home promote residents independence. We provide care that is supportive and not restrictive. We encourage residents to be as independent as possible and offer expert support to enable this such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy.

Would I be able to bring my cat/dog to visit?

Pets are welcome to visit our Nursing Homes provided they have been vaccinated & are supervised. Pets must be kept on a lead at all times.

How often will I see my Doctor?

Your GP will visit you at your Sonas Nursing Home, if your own GP is unavailable we can suggest a GP local to the area. If something was acute your GP visit will be arranged asap.

Do the charges depend on the mobility of the resident or any particular illness they may have?


What are visiting hours?

There are no set visiting times at the Home and visitors are welcome to drop in at any time throughout the day. For privacy reasons we would ask visitors to refrain from visiting between 10pm at night and 10am in the morning, and at meal times (unless wishing to assist). However if someone is ill there is no restriction on visiting unless there is a specific request from the resident. The wishes of each resident regarding receiving visitors will be respected and will be monitored by the nurse in charge.

Will my dietary needs be catered for?

At Sonas Nursing Homes our kitchens are managed by qualified Chefs who endeavour to use seasonal and local produce. All our food is freshly prepared including our brown bread, scones and cakes. Our Chefs are passionate about nutrition and the presentation of their food and are qualified to provide for
all and any dietary requirements. There is a varied choice for all residents. Our kitchen teams work together with the care teams ensuring that the personal likes/dislikes of residents are communicated resulting in their needs being met and enabling residents to enjoy all mealtimes to the fullest.

What activities take place in the nursing home?

Sonas Nursing Homes are a happy, lively place to be. Residents choice and preferences are always respected but residents are encouraged to try new things. Our activities include computer classes, gardening, cooking, baking, arts and crafts, reading, music, knitting, group exercise, meditation, bingo, cards, doll therapy. We will ensure that you continue to enjoy the pastimes you loved at home. We are also pro-active in engaging with our local community to invite them into our home and enjoy social events with the people who live here. A full schedule of activities is available to every resident, with residents who prefer smaller groups or one to one interactions catered for also.

Can my relative still be involved in caring for me?

At Sonas Nursing Homes we realise families input is hugely important as we get to know residents. We like to involve families in helping us with their life story and their likes and dislikes By working together we can help provide optimum care for residents. Support from family members and friends is very important, especially for residents with dementia. Relatives and friends are encouraged to join our residents committee. This committee plays an active and important role in the running of the Home. Issues discussed by this committee are taken on board when planning improvements in care.

Will I be able to choose what I do day-to-day?

Yes. When you first meet the nursing home teams, they will prepare your care plan. This will include things such as what foods you like or dislike, what time you usually get up or go to bed, what activities or hobbies you prefer. Your preference will be documented so that all the staff will know your likes and dislikes. Care teams will review your care plan with you every 4 months or more often if you want or if your needs change, it is important to know that in our Nursing Home you have the right to choose what you like or dislike.

Will I have any say in the running of the Nursing Home?

Yes. All our homes have a residents and relatives commitee. We strongly encourage residents and their relatives or representative to join the committee within our Home. This committee plays an active and important role in the running of the Home and issues discussed by this committee are those, which
relate to the greater good for all residents. Specific issues relating to individual residents should be discussed on a day-to-day basis with the Nurse in Charge or Person in Charge. Those interested in the role or membership of the committee should discuss this with the Person in

Will anyone listen to me if I have a complaint?

Sonas has an open policy with regards to complaints, all complaints are taken seriously and dealt with promptly and effectively. The Home operate a complaints procedure that meets the requirements of the HIQA Standards. Arrangements for dealing with complaints are displayed in reception areas and a copy of the complaints procedure is provided to every resident on admission and to any person acting on their behalf. Staff will know how to receive and deal with complaints. Complaints may be received from residents, staff, their relatives or a representative/advocate.

A complaint of a non-confidential nature will first be addressed to the Nurse on duty who should endeavour to resolve it. This complaint will be logged, audited on a regularly basis and corrective action taken if necessary. A more serious complaint of a confidential nature should be reported to Clinical Nurse Manager who will document complaint. A detailed record will be maintained of all complaints,
detailing the investigation and outcome of the complaint and whether or not complainant was satisfied. The Person participating in management will respond to the complaint within 7 days. If the complaint remains unresolved, the complainant will be facilitated to contact the Quality & Governance Coordinator who will investigate the complaint and report back to the complainant within 7 days. If the Coordinator is not deemed to be independent of the complaint then a person in charge from another Sonas Nursing Home will be nominated to investigate the complaint. Residents are at all times free to direct a complaint to the Ombudsman, if they so desire.