Who We Are

Sonas Nursing Home was founded in 2001 with the opening of its inaugural home in Cloverhill, just outside Roscommon. This first nursing home was the realisation of a vision shared by Sonas founders Seamus Crawley, John Mangan and Gerry Jordan. They brought two decades of nursing and business experience to bear on the kind of environment they wanted to create for their residents – one of community, continuity and contentment.

Today, the Sonas Senior Governance Team is Nursing Home Chairman Seamus Crawley, Director of Operations John Mangan, Financial Director Declan Feely, Quality and Governance Coordinator Claire Welford and HR Director Olivia Geraghty as well as a fantastic team in each location. At Sonas, we firmly believe that passionate, caring and experienced staff is the key to achieving our mission. We pride ourselves on our high employee retention, resulting in familiarity and consistency for our residents.

Since its inception over twenty years ago, Sonas Nursing Home has expanded around the country and now operates 12 nursing homes nationwide. Each nursing home boasts the highest standards of facilities, amenities and services, so residents and their families can be assured of a professional, safe, clean and secure home. Our nursing homes and retirement villages are located at the heart of local communities, easing residents’ transition from their individual home to a new life of shared and assisted living. We guarantee a high standard of care and a meaningful quality of life for each resident who chooses us.


Our Team

At Sonas we believe that our staff is the most important element of our service. We have spared no expense or effort in ensuring that our facilities are built to the highest specification but it is their friendly smiles, their genuine interest in people, and their expertise that make a Sonas nursing home a pleasant, safe and comfortable place to live. We are very proud of our staff, in particular, we are proud of how so many of our staff choose to remain with us.

Board of Directors

Since 2001, with the endeavours of its Board of Directors, Sonas has expanded to include twelve centres, all offering the same philosophy and standard of care but each with its own unique atmosphere. Our Board of Directors includes Gerry Jordan, Seamus Crawley, John Mangan, Declan Feely, Bill Bradbury, Claire Welford, Patrick Madden, Dermot Dougan and Carol White.